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Fantasy author, vampire, dark fantasy
writing from the Isle of Man (which isn't dark really)

So who am I

My name is Robin, I'm an author who generally likes to write in a Dark Fantasy setting of my own design and also working on a set of books about vampires. This is my domain site

I'm also the author behind the When Darkness Reigns series and I look forward to hearing back from people and discussing the universe. Since this is an author page I might as well start with a plug

When Darkness Reigns will be 4 dark high fantasy books telling the story of Niram Atreyan, a young necromancer who is trying above to all to be a good man in a cruel world.  The odds are not in Niram's favour since his magister, the man who is meant to train him seems to have no interest in doing so and dark secrets are stirring around him, twisting his life and those around him into something new and something terrifying.  He makes his way in a world without mercy,  where everyone seems intent on killing everyone else and with death service truly begins

Will he live, or will he become one of the legions of the dead who worry about nothing more than serving their owners.

He hopes to live to see an age when darkness no longer reigns.

But he is soon to learn that he was by no means the first to pursue that dream

WDR 1 Cover.jpg

I serve faithfully, that does not mean I serve blindly - The Knight

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