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Staff: When darkness reigns prequel book 1

In a time of war what can a peasant do but try to work the land Francis normally would be a footnote in history, a comma marking out the separation of one generation from another but history had other ideas and drawing the bounties of the land had a whole new meaning when he found a powerful artifact that could change the entire world around him.

History is a harsh mistress, but Francis soon finds himself on an ancient quest for vengeance and embroiled in a war that may well destroy the country that he loves and in some ways hates.

Kathleen once said to him 'Revenge is a flame, it burns away everything worthwhile' but Francis finds that sometimes revenge can be needed, the trick is to not lose everything including himself while executing it.

Sword: When darkness Reigns prequel book 2

It might be a time of peace but war is never far away and while Francis's story might be told,  his daughter Jamiliah now has to complete his work. The drums of war threaten to blot out all that Atiria has made and she has to step out into a world to once more seek out the undying and find a way to save everything she loves before it is blotted out forever

Sometimes salvation can be worse than damnation and Jamiliah has to wield a weapon that is dreaded by all in the hope that she can save Atiria and possibly herself

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Rebirth When darkness Reigns book 1


Today Niram of House Atreyan would take his place in the empire as a necromancer and even the owner of an undead slave, today Niram would become someone. Alas that also means at the same time he becomes a target and soon enough Niram learns to beware gods bearing gifts, particularly if those gifts launch him into a strange world where a past long left buried reveals that Shel Mar the god of Death and the Knight, the ruler of the city of his birth are taking notice and that's never a good thing.

They say life in Thenrea, affectionately called the city of blades is cheap but really death is often given out for free and it is life that is often expensive.

Today Niram will become someone, but that also means he will become a target.

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Sub Rosa - Birth of a Scion

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing and certain knowledge can be deadly
Vicci Drake had gone out of her way to get out of the family business, even when she did not even know what that business was.
Vampires are real and worse, her family have been policing them with age old techniques, techniques normally involving swords, stakes and some old fashioned beheadings.
This was the simple truth that threatened to destroy Victoria Drake’s life and while she thought she had managed to sidestep fate it seemed fate had other ideas and when it came calling, Vicci would not be found, she would not be found at all. The unreformed model who so far had avoided danger, danger had got bored and came looking for her.  
There are times when the truth will out, but truth comes armed and hungry. Secrets left buried for centuries threaten to engulf Victoria and her sister. Conspiracies circle like sharks Victoria finds that a world of violence and murder and this world had plans for her and none of those plans involved her having a normal life, or some would say a life at all.
Across the Atlantic a reporter struggles trying to make sense of a murky world filled with threats, death and a type of danger she even struggled to understand. Ancient dark forces are stirring, and ancient hatreds that had been buried for so long were scheming to mold a new age in their image.
What the world needs is someone trained to fight these vampires, someone who had spent her life preparing for the call
Unfortunately, someone trained wasn’t available

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