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I'll be using this page to keep everyone up to date with the latest events. I'll also be updating my blog and making sure that everyone is in the loop with how the books and everything connected with them is going

Dark shores goes live
I'd like to thank everyone involved in this day when the webpage is going live and I will be starting my blog.   I'd like to thank everyone for their patience since this site will be under heavy construction for a while now
Sword is completes to first draft
Sword: When darkness reigns prequel book one is complete to first draft and now being set aside for editing next week. I know many people out there are keen to get their hands on this book and hopefully it will be completed to publish on amazon kindle by September


Revolution - When Darkness Reigns book 2 is in planning
I'm excited to announce that the laying out of the second book of when darkness reigns is entering the late stages of planning and after the redraft of Sword, will enter first writing.


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